FStream 1.4.5

Listen to and record online radio easily

Although the advent of podcasts means that listening to online radio isn't as popular anymore, you can still find many stations on the web. View full description


  • Decode and encode streams
  • Use Apple Remote
  • Uses little CPU
  • Easy to select and add streams


  • No equalizer
  • No stream browsing
  • Preset lists limited to ShoutCast and SourceMac

Very good

Although the advent of podcasts means that listening to online radio isn't as popular anymore, you can still find many stations on the web.

FStream is the ideal tool to enjoy them as it focuses on playing and recording radio streams. Offering a discreet and functional interface, unobtrusive FStream can play any online radio station without ever interfering with your other applications. The program uses up very little memory and can be switched on or off very quickly as it simply uses internal QuickTime plugins to play streams. Both the player and recorder functions are very easy to use although lack any advanced functions, such as an equalizer.

Thanks to recent improvements, it's now much easier to add and organize new streams. The preset view allows you to see stations by lists, whether ShoutCast or SourceMac and you can easily import new streams straight from iTunes. The only downside is that FStream doesn't allow you to browse for new streams. Note that, since version 1.30, FStream no longer supports Tiger OS X 10.4 and lower but when you click download, we've also provided a link here for those Mac users on older OS's than don't want to miss out.

An unobtrusive yet functional application, FStream is great to listen to and record your favorite online radio streams.


  • Update of the Apple Remote management code (use of the iospirit framework).
  • FStream is now also compiled in 64-bit.


FStream 1.4.5

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